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 About us
Fat One Steamboat has more than 50 vans serving mobile steamboat to our patrons at several pasar malam within Klang Valley. Each of our vans has wide arrays of "bit-size food on wooden skewers" or better known as lok-lok locally, neatly arrange for our patrons to choose. Besides having the usual steamboat, we also have barbequed food and fried food. There are variety fresh seafood, sausages, fish balls, meat and vegetables. It can be a tantalizing affair to choose the food of your choice as there are more than 40 types of skewers to choose from or you can just simply try it all to satisfy your taste buds. Also, there is a nice selection of sauces to compliment your food. There are the hugely popular satay sauce, tangy chilli sauce and dark sweet sauce to choose. Unless you want to have the fried or barbequed food whereby our stall operator will help you to do it, it is best to enjoy the food by DIY. To DIY; you choose your favourite skewer, then dip it in the hot water to boil it and finally, savour it with your choice of sauce.

We also provide catering services in house parties and company's annual dinner or parties. Feel free to contact us for more details, we are more than happy to delight your guests with our superb choice of lok-lok.